Copy of films


Behind each story, there is a part of ourselves that we have yet to discover. enjoy the journey of self-discovery soul sisters.

Film: Growth is love

In the unfolding of discovering love, how has it arisen in your now?

I had the pleasure of creating this film in collaboration with poet, Mandera Sana.

I hope that it inspires you to pause and deeply reflect on what love truly means to you.

Filmed and Edited : Valerie Weyland
Poet: Mandera Sana

Film: Okuku - a story of wellbeing from the lens of a Black woman

Re-connecting with Black wellness. 
Okuku is symbolic for creating new soil and planting seeds of love and compassion for one’s self. This story ventures into the path of nurturing the narratives of Black women choosing self-care and wellbeing in a time of global turbulence and chaos.  

Filmed and Edited : Valerie Weyland



 Film : One Percent

This piece pays homage to our ancestor, Maya Angelou : in the spaces that create divisions and separatism, we are asked to ponder 'what if we changed the way we perceived one another, complained less and loved more, became more conscious of our actions and the impact it leaves on the world? what if?' I created this while living in Indonesia and discovering my oneness within the eyes of Indonesian women

Filmed and Edited : Valerie Weyland