Ethical hair extensions for ever-evolving women

We are an ethical hair brand grounded in love and purpose, understanding that we are in a new era of change. Join our growing community of soul sisters choosing to re-shape the beauty industry.

  • Chemical-free

    Our hair extensions are produced in a chemical-free and natural process. We use traditional piping methods to create hair textures (rather than dipping the hair in acid) and allow the bundles to air dry equates to a safer product.

  • Ethical collection process

    Our hair extensions incorporate fallen hair strands collected by women through their brushes/combs. Rural women are able to sell an abundant amount of hair without feeling pressured to cut their hair or waiting years before growing hair long enough to sell.

  • Quality & Longevity

    We've spent time personally visting villages and testing out hair extensions to ensure our soul sisters receive the best quality ethical hair. Our ethical hair extensions last at least a year but often longer if the hair is properly maintained.

Our ethical process

The process of our hair collection is the cornerstone of our business and our ethical core values.

As you are probably aware, the human hair extension industry is a controversial industry with many vendors collecting hair by way of cutting it directly from the women's head. This leads to all sorts of issues from bullying, abuse, coercion, deceit and of course the women losing their confidence and self esteem through the process. You don’t need to look far to find countless articles and accounts of this inhumane practice subject to women mainly in developing countries.

At Ayune hair our ethical hair is collected from women who meticulously pick strands of hair from their hair brushes and combs and collect them over time, then selling the hair to our suppliers in Indonesia.

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Meet the founder

Valerie Weyland

The story of Ayune Hair doesn't begin with a business idea but rather discovering my own healing as a Black woman re-connecting with her own inner light beyond the confines of the Western ideologies I was born into.

The roots of our beginning

Community of soul sisters

Connect with our community of soul sisters and explore how they celebrate their beauty with Ayune hair

Soul Sisters

Creating change together

Currently our collection process is one of the most ethical ways of collecting hair from women in developing countries.

As with a lot of ethically sourced products there is a small trade off that requires some extra attention on your half. Because the cuticles are not always perfect aligned (although we always endeavour to align as much as possible) like they would be coming straight from the head, our hair is prone to a few tangles which requires a little more maintenance on your end.

We have trialled our ethical hair for quite some time before launching our product and along with our soul sisters whom are very happy with the product, we believe it to be of the highest quality. See our soul sisters for confirmation and check out this full hair review.

By being transparent with our product and process we can say with pride you know you are receiving a genuinely ethically sourced product.

We live in an age of conscious consumerism where we as humans are now aware of global markets and how they can affect people less fortunate than us. This is where we want to make a difference and if you are reading this now you probably do too.

Just like the small sacrifices we make when we choose to recycle or buy environmentally friendly products, by purchasing Ayune hair products your contribution is helping move markets and society in the right direction in positively changing lives.


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Frequently asked questions

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship within Australia, but we also ship internationally to the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Please note that we are NOT responsible for any custom tax fees associated with your order. Due to the new UK VAT tax laws that came into force in Jan 2021, we are no longer making shipments to the UK until we can ensure our tax compliance.

How many bundles will I need for a full sew-in?

For a full sew-in, we recommend at least 3 bundles (we suggest more for longer bundles) and a closure.

How long will the hair last? 

At least a year and potentially longer if the hair is properly maintained.

How do I address frizz? 

Like natural hair, frizz is part of wearing human hair extensions. Depending on your environment (i.e. humidity, wind, etc) and the lack of natural sebum from a scalp your extensions may be exposed to frizz. Be sure to keep your hair properly moisturised (consider utilising natural humectants such as aloe vera juice) , seal with light oils to reduce the likelihood of frizz and opt for a mousse or light holding spray.

How do I deal with tangles?

Sustainable + chemical free human hair extensions involves dealing with slightly more tangles in comparison to hair covered in chemicals. Monitor your extensions (as you would with your own) to test the dryness (which leads to tangling) and be sure to moisturise when needed. Finger combing and detangling with a soft bristle brush (from the bottom up) helps address the tangles.

How long does shipping take?

(Please note these are estimates + the timeframes may vary due to COVID19)

Domestic Standard Shipping : 5-7 business days

Domestic Express Shipping: 2-3 business days

International Express Shipping (US, Canada and New Zealand) : 2-4 business days (Estimated 5-8 business days due to COVID)