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global sisterhood.

Welcome to AYUNE HAIR - Stay a while and enjoy celebrating the strands of beauty, embracing cultural richness + celebrating global sisterhood. Beauty doesn't have to be attained at the expense of another person's wellbeing. Our vision is to encourage our community to  make a change in the beauty industry and support GLOBAL women empowerment.

our story.

AYUNE (pronounced AYU-NE) is a Javanese, Indonesian word for “Exceptionally Beautiful” - it is our way of paying homage to the beginnings of this journey in Indonesia. Women can now celebrate each strand of beauty by wearing sustainable Southeast Asian human hair extensions. Indonesian women in rural villages meticulously collect their individual strands of hair in preparation to sell to collectors. This is a practice that has extended beyond 40 years and has created a stable source of income for many women. The journey of AYUNE Hair is a medley of rich Southeast Asian cultural and social consciousness. The FUTURE is FEMALE, GLOBAL UNITY, & WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! The first step towards this is making the choice to choose integrity, equality and compassion. AYUNE Hair gives women the choice to choose to make a change + still feel BEAUTIFUL.

beauty designed for good.

We believe in supporting the next generation of young women (and men) as we create a platform for women to simply BE. Be who they desire to be and by allowing that being to emulate in every part of their lives. Therefore, Ayune Hair has partnered with THE EAST BALI POVERTY PROJECT to support children in poverty attain education. Knowledge is power and that is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. 5% of each sale will go towards this Indonesian not-for-profit for young girls and boys.

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