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  • Ethical hair extensions for the ever-evolving woman

  • Embracing love, compassion and deep connection to self and the collective

  • Discovering the true essence of love

re-discovering our oneness

Welcome soul sister. You’re embarking on a magical journey where we celebrate the layers of beauty. Our ethical hair extensions meet women in their journey of re-awakening to our deep connection to one another.

We are an ethical brand that leads with love and purpose, understanding that we are in a new era of change. We are all becoming more conscious and our brand evolves with your needs.

hair reviews

"I love this brand all around. When I learned about the issues within the hair industry, I started looking for ethical hair companies. I wanted to buy from a company that cared about how women were treated. When I got the hair it was so awesome! I sealed my wefts so that the shedding would be minimal. I knew there would be some shedding. I appreciated the company for being transparent so that I could have the best experience. So often we buy from companies and we have to figure out the product later. Love this!"

- Aja

"I love the hair from this business. The extensions are so beautiful, so luscious and it’s really great to know exactly where the hair pieces are coming from. It’s easy to wash and restore after a while of wearing the hair extensions as well. I definitely recommend getting your next extensions for a wig from here."

- Vuma

“I am extremely impressed with Aune Hair’s products. Compared to other hair I’ve purchased in the past, shedding isn’t as big of a concern as I thought it would be. The hair is silky and feels so healthy. It has withstood the test of time- I’ve had this hair for literally a year. While some of this might not necessarily be recommended, I will say that I’ve dyed it, colored it, applied heat and it is still wearable. Don’t even get me started on the ethics and health/wellness priorities of this company!! Buying hair anywhere else is beginning to feel unnatural."

- Ayana

(Leave your hair review with us here and read all of our reviews here)

our ethical process

The process of our hair collection is the cornerstone of our business and our ethical core values.

As you are probably aware, the human hair extension industry is a controversial industry with many vendors collecting hair by way of cutting it directly from the women's head. This leads to all sorts of issues from bullying, abuse, coercion, deceit and of course the women losing their confidence and self esteem through the process. You don’t need to look far to find countless articles and accounts of this inhumane practice subject to women mainly in developing countries.

At Ayune hair our ethical hair is collected from women who meticulously pick strands of hair from their hair brushes and combs and collect them over time, then selling the hair to our suppliers in Indonesia.

Come and learn more about our hair collection and production process here.

creating change together

Currently our collection process is one of the most ethical ways of collecting hair from women in developing countries.

As with a lot of ethically sourced products there is a small trade off that requires some extra attention on your half. Because the cuticles are not always perfect aligned (although we always endeavour to align as much as possible) like they would be coming straight from the head, our hair is prone to a few tangles which requires a little more maintenance on your end.

We have trialled our ethical hair for quite some time before launching our product and along with our soul sisters whom are very happy with the product, we believe it to be of the highest quality. See our soul sisters for confirmation and check out this full hair review.

By being transparent with our product and process we can say with pride you know you are receiving a genuinely ethically sourced product.

We live in an age of conscious consumerism where we as humans are now aware of global markets and how they can affect people less fortunate than us. This is where we want to make a difference and if you are reading this now you probably do too.

Just like the small sacrifices we make when we choose to recycle or buy environmentally friendly products, by purchasing Ayune hair products your contribution is helping move markets and society in the right direction in positively changing lives.


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