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Welcome soul sister. You’re embarking on a magical journey where we celebrate the strands of beauty. Each layer of our beauty has a story, each layer solidifies our connection to one another. In this space, we celebrate the self + interconnected community as one.

our story.

Ayune (pronounced ayu-ne) is a Javanese (Indonesian) word for 'exceptionally beautiful' - it is our way of acknowledging the roots of our journey. Every place, person + thing has a beginning and ours is rooted in the understanding that we are connected to one another on a deep level. When we see beyond ourselves, then we are truly awakened. We believe our soul sisters can celebrate compassion with beauty. The two can be intertwined as one. Our ethical hair extensions embody a collective movement of sisterhood. A movement back to oneness. When we choose to be part of the change we want to see, a small grain of sand can grow into a sea of abundance.

we thrive as one.

We believe in curating a cycle of abundance in which our soul sisters support communitiy initiatives whom empower Bla(c)k women and children across the world. Therefore 5% of your purchase will go towards empowering Bla(c)k women and the different narratives they hold in Sydney, Australia with August Inc.

come journey with us

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