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Many people ask us how to pronounce "Ayune Hair", the correct pronunciation of our brand is AYU-NE (ah - you - nay). It's a Javanese (Indonesia) word which means "very beautiful".

Beauty is at the forefront of many women's minds whether its wanting to appear slimmer for the summer months or finding the right make-up to help enhance their unique features. We've decided to flip this perspective around and celebrate the depths of beauty, while still enjoying the physical aspect of it.

Maya Angelou once said

"we delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty"

We focus on holistic beauty, culture and story-telling without neglecting physical beauty because beauty has more than one singular meaning and each aspect should be celebrated. It's time that we start digging deeper and celebrating each fiber of beauty within us and within every woman in our lives. 

Ayune Hair was created from a desire to embody:

Care-free vibes


    Our unconventional, yet liberating approach to the beauty industry, encourages women to celebrate their holistic beauty without comprising their reverence for others.


    Join our "care-free" tribe and let's share this journey as one.  

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