Copy of journey with us.

You are timeless.
Your beauty is magic.
Your journey is filled with purpose.
Welcome to the AYUNE Hair tribe, a place where global sisterhood thrives.

Where we celebrate, educate, support and manifest as ONE.







Our goal is to bring trust, transparency and of course strands of beauty to the socially-conscious, empowered woman; that’s you, sister. 

Our sisterhood is one of integrity and compassion for all. It is a place where we rise by lifting others. Our dedication to supporting ethical and sustainable strategies of sourcing lush hair has just become a part of your journey too! We source our hair from Southeast Asian women whom carefully collect their hair strands through their brushes & combs and sell their long, gorgeous strands as an additional source of income. It’s truly creating a more ethical and liberating process. A liberation that now involves you. A global sisterhood.

Our hair extensions are produced in a chemical-free and natural process. Using traditional piping methods to create hair textures (rather than dipping the hair in acid) and allowing the bundles to air dry equates to a safer product.

 Our natural, sustainable extensions can be susceptible to slightly more tangles and shedding, which is due to the cuticles not always being perfectly aligned because they are sourced from the brush rather being cut directly from a woman's head, a process which is often tied to deception and coercion. Although the extensions are of excellent quality, they do require a little more love + care (quite similar to your own natural hair). We believe in being transparent with this process, so that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your purchase hasn't adversely affected other women.

 Celebrating beauty should never have to come at the expense of another woman's well-being
The journey has just begun as we, both you and us, expand into cultural and socially-conscious enlightenment. We don't believe in pursuing perfectionism but rather we're here to encourage living a more mindful, holistic + conscious lifestyle.  

We celebrate the cultures and women that provide these strands of beauty to women across the world. Why? Because we are all interconnected, we at AYUNE Hair believe we are all ONE.

We’d love to meet you and for you to meet the rest of your global sisterhood women all across the globe who feel beautiful both inside and out! Come hang out with us, share the wonderful way you wear AYUNE HAIR by following AYUNE HAIR on Instagram/Facebook and using the #JOURNEYWITHAYUNEHAIR to celebrate your strands of beauty.