celebrating holistic living.



I'm sure you're wondering at this point - why would a hair extension business talk about social consciousness, women empowerment, meditating, etc?

We celebrate a holistic lifestyle. Yes, we sell ethically-sourced + sustainable hair extensions, but we also encourage women to elevate every part of their life - spiritually, mentally, energetically and physically. 

How can one truly thrive without addressing each part of their being? It's like giving a plant light but not watering the roots. 

It's 2018 and gone are the days that we can pretend that we can ignore different aspects of our life and continue to evolve. Growth comes in healing, self-care, reflection, silence, bonding + so much more.

Our goal is connect with the modern woman that understands this + provide a space that connects with her truth. 

Ayune Hair encourages women to
be vulnerable
find their tribe
+ embrace their journey

Close your eyes and imagine a life where we no longer feel compelled to appease society's expectations but rather embraced our truth.

Life is beautiful + filled with light.

It's time to celebrate holistic living __



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