Learn all about our 'free part closures'

All about our ethical free part closures


Recently, one of our soul sisters asked about our 'free part closures' and what that actually means, so we felt inspired to share some insight for all of our soul sisters that may be new to wearing ethical human extensions or wigs.

What are closures?

It may be helpful to start off with learning about what a 'closure' actually is. In our case, a closure is a piece of lace fabric (although some hair businesses use silk) with single hair strands individually knotted into the lace. The closure is designed to emulate your scalp. 

Closures come in various sizes but we sell the traditional 4x4 lace closure that is normally placed in the centre front section of your scalp in alignment with your natural hairline.

Closures can be applied through sewing onto corn rolled (braided) hair, gluing or taping.

Why do women wear lace closures?

Many women opt for closures to protect their natural hair or to have a more succinct alignment with the rest of their ethical hair extensions. This allows for more creativity in styling and/or colouring, as it alleviates potential damage to a woman's natural hair.

What are 'free part closures'? 

'Free part closures' mean that there is no specific part pre-built into the closure. This gives you freedom to style your ethical hair extensions with any part that suits your personal preference (such as a middle part or side part).

'Free part closures'
also gives you the to ability to decide the size of your part. Some of our soul sisters like larger parts and may decide to pluck the hair to create a part more to their liking, where as others simply leave the original part size as is. 

This is the beauty of 'free part closures' it gives you the freedom to craft and design your style to align with you.

How do you install 'free part closures'?

There are several ways to apply 'free part closures' but we will focus on the common way that most of our soul sisters use to apply the closure which is through the sewing method.

1. Start with gently detangling your hair with a wide-tooth comb and/or Denman brush. Always start at the end of your hair and comb up to the root.

2. Once your hair is detangled (and properly moisturised), proceed to braid your hair into corn rolls, ensuring that the corn rolls are as flat as possible. Remember that you want your closure to emulate your scalp.

3. Place the middle part of your closure in alignment with the middle part of your scalp and pin down the closure

4. Using a curved needle, proceed to sow down the closure but do not sow down the front section next to your hairline (that will require hair glue or Got2b spray, but this is also optional)

5. Proceed to sew in your ethical human hair bundles to your hair (we always suggest using at 3-4 bundles to ensure enough coverage and fullness)

6. Once you're done, you can cut the lace in alignment with your hairline and leave as is or pluck to align with your hairline.

It's always important to remember that lace material is quite fragile and can be ripped if not handled gently. Always take your time when sewing and/or plucking to ensure the quality of the lace stays in tact.

Steps 3-5 would be skipped if you've had a wig made for you. Simply place the ethical human hair wig on, align the closure with you hairline and cut the lace (if the hairstylist did not cut it for you). You can secure the wig with pins or you may opt to sew it down around the perimeter of your hair. You can leave the wig as is or you can lay your 'free part closure' down with hair glue or Got2b spray.

What's next?

Simply put, you're ready to purchase your 'free part closure' with Ayune Hair and enjoy exploring the different layers of your beauty. We're always happy to support where ever we can, so if you have any other arising questions, please feel free to send a message here or click on the Facebook Messenger chat bubble located on the right hand bottom corner of our website.

Sending you lots of love and light.

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