The economics of the human hair trade


Black woman holding a piece of her ethical hair extensions in her right hand while looking away from the camera

Recently we were featured in an article called 'The Economics of the Human Hair trade' where we had the pleasure of conversing with The Hustle and shared our experience with providing ethical hair extensions within the human hair trade. 

The focus of our conversation was around the fact that "beauty trends have fuelled growth in the global human hair industry and now concerns about ethics and quality are generating new business models. It is estimated that the international wig, weave, and hair extensions market is worth $7 billion and it projected to grow to $10 billion by 2024.

As a Black woman that has worn hair extensions for a considerable amount of time, even after cutting off my relaxed hair and going natural in 2008, I always felt unsettled by the fact that I never saw any Black owned businesses that sold hair extensions specifically for African-American women, it was always run by Korean and Chinese Americans.

The Hustle notes:

"With $130m+ in 2020 imports, the United States is the largest market for these human hair products. Consumers fall into several subsets:

It is important for me to note this because prior to coming the realisation that I wanted to recreate a new narrative within the human hair industry by selling ethical hair extensions, I initially felt unsettled by the lack of representation in an industry dominated (in terms of consumption) by African-American women.

Ayune hair acknowledges the inherent need for change.
Ayune hair acknowledges the importance of Black-owned businesses.
Ayune hair acknowledges the importance for ethical hair extensions.
Ayune hair acknowledges the importance of empowering women around the world.
Ayune hair acknowledges the importance of empowering Black women around the world.

We are becoming the catalyst for change by creating what we want to see.

I hope this inspires you to do the same, wherever you are in your life. Be the change, create the change.

Live from that space within each waking moment of your life.

My passion for what Ayune hair serves is my driving source. As our tribe of soul sisters continues to grow and bloom, I find gratitude in creating a purposeful business that empowers people across the world.

Be well,

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