obim : connecting heart to heart

Black woman smiling on the right hand side and white sand on the left hand side. Text says 'Meet our soul sister Aja'


Obim means soul or heart in Igbo, my Nigerian tribe, and it captures the purpose of this conversation. 

I am 
You are me
We are one

The inner essence of Ayune Hair is truly seeing our innate interconnection to one another

our souls are intertwined as one
we naturally emanate love 

and somewhere along this journey of life, we fell into this deep slumber, forgetting our oneness

if we choose to listen with our hearts, we will see ourselves in each other and come home to our universal oneness.


come connect with our soul sister, Aja (pronounced Asia). Join us in unravelling the inner beauty of our soul sister as she shares a dive into her world:


What does it mean to be a black woman in modern society?

Being a black woman in modern society means advocating for the rights of yourselves and other marginalized groups.  Black women have a long history of being discriminated against and marginalized.  It is not just enough for us to stand up for other black women, but we must also stand up for other marginalized groups.


Describe your inner truth, who are you beyond the assumptions of society?

Beyond the assumptions of society, I am a spiritual being.  I am a unique idea made by the universe that is here to be a vessel in which to serve others.


What makes you feel whole?

My spirituality, love, expressing gratitude


What is meaningful in your life?

My connection to the universe, my loved ones, and knowing that I am evolving everyday.


How do you curate or sustain a loving connection to humanity?

I vote with my dollars.  I try to make a conscious effort not to support the exploitation of other beings.  I give when I can, and when I can’t give I listen and give advice if I am able.


What is a piece of wisdom you would like to share with others?

We are one. Putting down others will not help you rise higher, but it is damaging to your soul.  When you learn to show genuine love toward others, your consciousness will expand.


Aja is a blogger from Detroit currently residing in Atlanta. She loves to write as a way of expression, and to unify by uplifting women.  You can check out any of her blogs at


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