hair trade industry + exploitation of poor women

How much do we know about the exploitation of poor women when it comes to the hair trade industry?

It was question I asked myself in 2016. I asked : "How is the hair being sourced and how does this process impact women?"

You've probably heard me say this several times, over and over again:

"We are all interconnected. Our individuals actions will inevitably impact others."

It's one of the basic principles of life that I believe we've become disconnected from over time.

It was the driving force behind the alternative route that I have chosen to take, even if it implies that my journey may be quite different from most and that the desired outcome will require commitment and patience.

Well that patience and commitment has continuously paid off at various stages of this journey. I had the amazing opportunity of being invited by Al Jazeera to be part of a panel discussion about the hair trade industry and the exploitation of poorer women.

It was an opportunity to plant a seed of awareness into many people's minds and with time those seeds will sprout.

My heart was truly filled with so much joy + gratitude.

Check out my discussion with Al Jazeera around the hair trade industry and how Ayune Hair is changing the narrative.  


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