3 practices I've used to overcome self-doubt

3 practices I've used to overcome self-doubt and start an ethical brand

Often radical change comes with the inevitable feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt.

As humans we deeply want to belong to something greater than the individual thought, the individual belief system. We are birthed into this interconnected and interdependent realm and to branch off from our deepest sense of home feels like the removal of a body part essential to our breathing life on this earth.

But what if the collective has moved into narratives conflicting with our inner belief systems?

This is where I found myself. In my journey of dissolving narratives that dismissed my connection to others, I leaned into


At the time (and even currently), there was a significant amount of separatism in our society and in my exploration of creating an ethical hair extension brand in the hair and beauty industry, I wasn't necessarily welcomed with open arms.

So naturally, venturing unto unchartered territories, introduced varying levels of doubt. The most vocal forms of doubt being:

‘What if no one cares about ethical hair?’

'I have no idea what I'm doing'

‘What if they would rather purchase a cheaper product and dismiss the reality of the industry?’

‘What if they expect a perfect product which would require compromising my integrity?’

Here are 3 ways that I was able to navigate this immense doubt:

  1. Be intentional about your why?

    Understanding where my energy flows, what I feel deeply connected to, and what give me a sense of fulfilment and purpose was essential to detaching from the perspectives of others. I can only move from the love that flows from my soul and this may or may not align with others (and you know what, that is absolutely okay). I often have to return to this inner space of my inner why to refresh my energy and continue the journey of nurturing a narrative that chooses love in every way.

  2. Be open to the ebbs and flows

    Our journey through life is an ocean of calm water and crashing waves. The only certainty in our life is change. Embracing this type of journey, means welcoming each moment as an opportunity to grow rather than perceiving it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. When we look at the journey from this lens, we are able to move even with the feeling of doubt lingering, knowing that all is as it should be and I am already flowing in the right direction.

  3. Trust your inner compass

    I know this may be slightly difficult to digest especially if you’re feeling an immense amount of doubt, but I found that when I would retreat to nature (not in a formal sense, most times just going on a quiet drive and being surrounded by trees), the solitude and inner solace dissolved my doubt and what remained was this gentle whispering of loving affirmations. I would be reminded that when I move with love and compassion, I am always on the path and then I would return and continue to move forward with my ethical brand.

There are many other practices and ideologies I’ve tapped into to dissolve doubt but these were the key practices that helped me get started and sustain this business for the past few years.

Whatever journey you’re on, I hope this gives you two things:

  1. A feeling of belonging, knowing that you’re not alone in navigating life
  2. Tools to help you with overcoming the barrier of doubt that may be holding you back from living out your dreams


Be well magical souls,

Nurturer of Ayune hair

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