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soul sister hair reviews

We understand the inherent need to feel safe when investing energy into any space and purchasing ethical products is no different. We invite you to read a few of hair reviews that our soul sisters have shared after wearing our ethical hair extensions. 

If you have any questions before purchasing your product or simply want to share your thoughts or experience with us, we're always eager to converse. I find this to be one of the most enjoyable parts of creating a space of love and compassion. Conversing with our soul sisters and building bonds beyond Ayune hair.

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Be well magical souls

Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review

Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review

"I love this brand all around. When I learned about the issues within the hair industry, I started looking for ethical hair companies. I wanted to buy from a company that cared about how women were treated. When I got the hair it was so awesome! I sealed my wefts so that the shedding would be minimal. I knew there would be some shedding. I appreciated the company for being transparent so that I could have the best experience. So often we buy from companies and we have to figure out the product later. Love this!"

- Aja


Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review


"I love the hair from this business. The extensions are so beautiful, so luscious and it’s really great to know exactly where the hair pieces are coming from. It’s easy to wash and restore after a while of wearing the hair extensions as well. I definitely recommend getting your next extensions for a wig from here."

 - Vuma


Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review


Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review

“I am extremely impressed with Aune Hair’s products. Compared to other hair I’ve purchased in the past, shedding isn’t as big of a concern as I thought it would be. The hair is silky and feels so healthy. It has withstood the test of time- I’ve had this hair for literally a year. While some of this might not necessarily be recommended, I will say that I’ve dyed it, colored it, applied heat and it is still wearable. Don’t even get me started on the ethics and health/wellness priorities of this company!! Buying hair anywhere else is beginning to feel unnatural."

- Ayana

Ayune hair (ethical hair extensions) - Hair Review

"I am guilty as charged when it comes to my excessive use of heat. Despite my excess use of heat, my Ayune hair has still stood the test of time. On my good days when I decide to use rollers, my Body wave holds the curls. I like the hair, and might order some more black bundles to play with some color."

 - Desiree


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