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obim (soul sister stories)

Black woman laying down on the right hand side and white sand on the left hand side. Text says Obim, Soul sister stories

From a very young age, I was drawn to people's stories. I have vivid memories of leaning forward when documentaries would come on at the ripe age of 7. Sometimes, I couldn't make sense of the words or experiences but my heart could feel their heart. That moved me beyond words.

I'm still like that to this day. I spend much of my time listening to people's stories, sometimes crying alongside them, sometimes laughing and imagining sitting next to them as they tell jokes. 

With each story, I felt more connected to humanity. I felt connected beyond language barriers, race, religion, borders and beliefs.

And here we are in 2021 and I'm sitting back thinking, we need to see our connection in one another. We need to see that as my Nigerian ancestors would say

Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze"
(Unity is strength)

This is an ancient Igbo proverb from centuries ago and yet it still holds so much truth even to this very day.

I'm inviting you to join me in a journey of stories, called

Obim (Soul Sister Stories)

I am 
You are me
We are one

The inner essence of Ayune Hair is truly seeing our innate interconnection to one another


our souls are intertwined as one
we naturally emanate love


and somewhere along this journey of life, we fell into this deep slumber, forgetting are oneness


Obim means soul or heart in Igbo, my Nigerian tribe, and it captures the purpose of this series. This soul sister series explores the inner essence of magical Black women across the African diaspora that have connected with Ayune hair over the past few years.


If we choose to listen with our hearts, we will see ourselves in their stories and come home to our universal oneness.

I hope that their stories inspire you to choose oneness, to choose love, not just in engaging with Ayune hair but within every facet of your life.

With love,
Valerie, co-founder of Ayune Hair


Black woman smiling on the right hand side and white sand on the left hand side. Text says 'Meet our soul sister Aja'

Come connect with our soul sister Aja, as she shares the importance of spirituality with us. Click HERE

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